Are you a Victim, or Hero?

I wanted to reblog this because there is a lesson here for us all to learn

Niamh's Labyrinth

When I was 24 I lost both my mother and grandmother (whom I lived with) within 3 months.

What ensued was ten years of me making excuses for my life because I felt hard done by – as well as some horrid experiences no child should go through, my father was taken from me before I was born, a stepfather lost to heart disease, now this.

I used my life circumstances to see myself as a victim. And I felt it gave me free range to be a bitch to those around me who “hadn’t suffered” as I had (of course, I didn’t see myself as a bitch, this is 20/20 vision…hindsight and all that…). I was sick. And I refused treatment.

I denied my path and all spirituality, I ate to numb my pain, and I hid. I should have spent my 20’s thriving, but wasted them in a…

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Spinning on

Unseen emptiness


Rebirth sought

Discovery of self


Ego verses ego

Pulling; pushing


Seeking recognition

Relinquishing control

Letting go

Leaving wasted yesterdays

Finding ageless tomorrows

Becoming One


© Sheila Wenninger

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Choices required

How to respond

Where should I proceed

Life becomes stale from questions

Change is inevitable to avoid stagnation

When to begin travel for the next adventure

Which way to turn toward unseen new tomorrows

Life begins

Traverses this road

Following its quest

Life ends

© Sheila Wenninger

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Just a Quick Update

Sheila’s Space is just hanging in there…I have 48 followers and 496 views. I guess you can understand why that is bugging that little bit of OCD in me 🙂 . I’ll go see what other poetry I can find to post today so that I can reach that 50 followers and 500 views on here. Wish me luck everyone! 🙂

Rainbow’s End

Gentle breeze blowing

Softly tickling the skin

Sending shivers of anticipation

Excitement of longing running up the spine

Bringing with it lightly felt splashes

Moister brought of life’s beginning

A soft tear of happiness

Felt within for all its love

Spring warmth moving above

Caressing the world

Within its loving arms

Momentarily raising to a rushing wave

Thunder reaching almost ominous peaks

Overcome with the wanton lust

Crashing within unseen boundaries

Consuming the heavens

Bringing a bright flash of realization

Reaching climax of the once unknown

Then once again slowing

Resting in the newness of the season

Leaving dewdrops upon the surface

Rainbows the only sign from above.

Eyes slowly shifting to the end of that rainbow

I reach to find you laying there resting

© Sheila Wenninger

Unwritten Pages


Click, click, click – your fingers tease

Loving the keyboard with words of affection

Expressions of longing – of life’s hope eternal

Sending electricity raging through my soul

Charges too enormous to contain as I glide across the floor

To inhale the pheromones arising from the excitement

Sent along the pages now laid in front of you

Leaning ever closer I whisper to you

Softly cooing I love you, my darling

Lightly I brush your bare skin with sheer rose silken gown

While eagerly I venture to bend

Silently touching my lips to your neck

Feeling the passion rising from within us both

Now instead of typing…my fingers are ready

They were designed, for other intentions

As I look at you, my eyes are seeking you now

I’ll reach for you, and tenderly pulls you near.

Now you’re within my grasp.. I won’t let go.

eagerly I await the touch of your lips to mine

passionately we caress, hands show no boundaries

we’ll take ourselves to another realm…another place…

Once we’re there…the whole world is spinning…

how dizzy I’m getting…for I’m allured by your love

I slide softly around to view your face

As I straddle your masculine knees

Tightly embraced we deeply kiss each other

As we move rhythmically in this dance of our hearts

Holding securely to the love we have created

Suspended together within this whirlwind

Of our complete ecstasy – sensation so divine

How passionate is your kiss…it’s intense

How deep is your love, as deep as we want it to be…very deep

The time of day, doesn’t matter…for time is endless

So is the passion that burns between us…how we react…we’ll entwine

Day turns into night…it’s like a dream come true…

All that I’ve got to give you…it’s yours for the taking

as you give yourself to me it sends me to the ends of the earth…

Don’t stop…oh please…don’t stop…for I won’t

This is something both of us, has been waiting for…

The one thing that both of us need

As our passions over come us

We softly cover one another with our emotion

As the subtle songs of our climax rings in time

A harmonious testimony to the heavens

Complimenting vast emotions shared by us

Our ecstasies are beyond compare overwhelm

Combined as one our love claims our restless spirits

To be carried away into eternity together

Longings that we have shared forever

Within the pages of our never ending love story

As life shows once more our extreme fervor

And somewhere upon life’s unwritten pages

Fingers tease — click, click, click

© David Eisenberger and Sheila Wenninger

Midnight Rider


I ride upon dreams

Traveling into the unknown

Upon the darkness

Of the obsidian sky

In my lonely

Self-created midnight world

I eternally wander

Seeking my next capture

Finding you in the emptiness

Claiming your existence

Creating you anew

Into one of my own

Shaping the spirit

Within your very core

Into something foreign

Unrecognizable by your own being

Then I will lead you on

Coldness spreading from within

As your fear forms

Ever growing outward

Reeking of my scent

A distasteful aroma

Left clinging to you

Of my vigilant essence

I smile selfishly

As you claw upward

Digging your way to the light

Hoping only for the daybreak

Shimmering halo of nature

Birds calling you home

To the promise of this new tomorrow

Waking you from my nightmare world


© Sheila Wenninger

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